Ned’s afternoon out watching the parking lot

This post may come to a surprise to most or it may not, but what was handed to me does bring in to question Ned and his odd behavior concerning watching…..children.EUXZzU8

Yes I said it some of you may remember past posts concerning Ned asking teen boys as young as 14 to 17 for nude/semi nude pic of their body so he could make comments of their muscle development on his Youtube account, which after being exposed he began to delete.

That LINK can be found here.

And in that post it does mention how Ned got up from his chair during a cast and didn’t even realize he had no pants on.


But that was the past….what about 2016 ??

The odd behavior continues as Ned sits there in a parking lot watching family’s walk by with their children.

Now some of you may remember how he would record children walking to school everyday in front of his home and then again walking back in the afternoon as the children made their way home.

Has anything changed ??  Well thanks to an anonymous person I was sent this recent video, it certainly isn’t too bad, but what is odd is how Ned types out comments about the children,

DriveMyCam: 2 twin girls and a boy…..To some not a big deal but it’s something he is definitely well known for this type of behavior, driving to school yards and watching children.


Screenshot_3 (4)




  1. Ghjjhggg August 7, 2016 11:46 pm 

    And….? What does this post proof? Stupid Ned like the boys ya. Ya know dat he do

    • pope of no hope August 8, 2016 3:58 am 


  2. Cleo August 8, 2016 12:13 am 

    shawnio is a convicted child molester, thanks for showing the world

  3. Anonymous August 8, 2016 1:29 am 

    I’m not surprised. This pedos been at it before and he knows what he’s doing. He gets off on this shit and is some proud boy loving freak. If had my way I’d kick his ass.

  4. Anonymous August 8, 2016 2:12 am 

    ned is frank taylors cash cow lol

  5. Cleo August 8, 2016 3:12 am 

    my names shawnio and im a pedophile stalker

    • Cleo August 8, 2016 1:38 pm 

      this is a true statement lol

  6. pope of no hope August 8, 2016 3:54 am 

    i used to believe that everyone was trolling or teasing ‘nap time neddy’ i never really believed he was as bad as everyone said he was. then i watched 2 you tube videos of neddys boys and HOLY SHIT!!! I THINK ITS SAFE TO SAY THE THIS GUY IS A VERY SICK PERV. ned you sick mother fucker. YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT.
    amen you pervert. i will your reservation in hell. FUCK YOU.

  7. pope of no hope August 8, 2016 3:56 am 


  8. Observer August 8, 2016 11:30 am 

    Ned and Ryan FatFi should team up

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