Monkeysniffer’s GoFCKme account for Foxman Shawn

In the last 24 hours poor ol Foxguy has been anally wounded by Joe Wishy Washy and most of the online community to make matters worse it’s reported he may have lost his job although there has been no official confirmation on that.Screenshot_2So I have taken it upon myself to HELP Mr Foxman GUY Shawn wot’s his face with my very own GoFCKme account, granted some of you may snicker or sneer at the thought of the community helping out one of it’s own drunken low class, white trashy stoopid ass toothless GOOFS, but I sincerely mean it every word. So come on everyone and HELP out the Foxguy wot ever his name is.Screenshot_ooopopopo11pBwuvy


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  1. scuttlebutt August 5, 2016 6:10 am 

    I wouldn’t trust a word Foxman has to say:

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