LUNA is very UPSET and depressed over the lack of donations for her MAC book

Ok so this Youtube video clip took place on July 23rd 2016, just several days before the previous post I did with her grandson and his illness. Screenshot_1 (5)

Now listen to how disgusted she is no one is donating for her MAC book, and she just doesn’t understand WHY, so imagine what’s goin on in her head her thoughts and feelings if you can. Most likely at some point since no CASH is coming in for her MAC book she starts to ponder as to what other directions she could gain profit  ?   See where I’m goin with this ?

Then just two days later POW her grandson is ill, S.O.S I needs CASH NOW, convenient yes ?  It all fits rather nice an snug all together.


“I gots no idea as to so many views on my Youtube account but no on is opening their goddamn wallets to help me”   I kid you not just listen to her bitch as though she’s entitled to it.

I’d like to thank whoever dropped this lil gem into our chat.


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  1. pope of no hope July 27, 2016 2:17 am 

    can you say entitlement complex? she is number 1. she complains about the heat and yet makes no effort to cool down, eg. long pants on and those filthy gloves. put on a pair of shorts . take them gloves off and put a damp towel around your neck. plus if you are broke stop smoking at $10 to $14 a pack. and the heiniken has got to go.$14 to $20 a 6 pack. luna you better wise up. you’re not as cute as you were 10 years ago and you will be in much worse shape 10 years in the future.
    amen you worthless damn grub worm.

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