The Desolation of Smug


How to make a gimp dance for you.


Yet another fail from the Canadian department of I love Billy Bob Cesspool.

Shawnio as he is wont to do had reported yet another one of my superior You Tube videos for copyright violation. Our beloved dancing fool has yet again demonstrated the correct way to fail. I mean FFS folks the boy is a pro when it comes to setting himself up for disaster.


So this makes two successful counter notifications and one out right “You’re Kidding Right” from You Tube. Yes, You Tube was notified on one video and they laughed and said sorry little girl it’s fair use, here is a band aid for your butt little Shawnio.


I wake up everyday knowing I am perhaps the luckiest man on Earth. I have an awesome woman who loves me. I have friends who I love dearly. I have a good job cleaning toilets at the school.  And best of all a certain someone is so infatuated with me they live to spend every waking moment trying to get my attention. I mean here I am just living my life, enjoying everything that comes my way. Meanwhile there he is, pouring over every aspect of my life looking for ways to show me his love.


 Yet still here we all are. Still.


How did that work out for you?


And for those of you in the third world who may not be able to view due to restrictions:



he mad



  1. CLaire July 23, 2016 3:38 pm 

    this blog literally doesn’t make any sense anymore.

    • williampooleesq. July 23, 2016 7:14 pm 

      Why don’t you report it 😀

  2. pope of no hope July 23, 2016 3:46 pm 

    very well put. he is begging for the adults attention. there is no other way to explain his behavior towards absolute strangers. the shawnio is a total loser. the funny part is she thinks shes on top. lol. i know this have have very little effect on him but im going to say it anyway. shawnio, you are a child. keep up with the you tube shit lil’guy.

    • pope of no hope July 23, 2016 4:19 pm 

      oops i meant to say “i know this will have very little effect on him……..

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