A viewer sent this in a week or so ago I wanted to touch on this topic being this the day Chris went to COURT.

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14 Sep 17, 20:06
patrickmurphys: to prestojn
14 Sep 17, 20:06
patrickmurphys: are muppets going to preston maze?
14 Sep 17, 20:07
patrickmurphys: thats the question of the day
14 Sep 17, 20:07
The_Maze: there will be a live stream hopefully the frenzy is starting ukpedos are cowards 2 against 1
SAYWARD forgets that his BLOG has kidnapping violence,child stalking and Kidnapping ,doxx,gang stalking LOOK WHAT THEIR vip MEMBERS LIKE BABS IP have done all on film

DARREN LEE SAYWARD AKA schoolboykisser is so obsessed with sexychris and so is his gang babs,mark,bane,wayne,bruce,maze etc.. as its a projection of themselves ,thing these pedo psychopaths fear the most is their connection and affiliation to their pedo activities Darren and his mates have harassed,tormented,tortured,attacked,stalked,framed and no criminal action was spared from sending food orders etc….NO NO DARREN you filthy parasites none of you can trow a stone you smelly,greasy unwashed losers are going down police have been watching them and they are not fooled.

So todays court results a big fat zero for Ukmuppets as it seems not one of them had the guts or spine to make the trip to court this time around….

I decided to use these comments to illustrate how others are perceiving this group to really be the days of their BULLSHITTERY are over and as one by one they are not only exposed but reported it can only be a matter of time before we see positive results.

This only further enforces my genuine belief that Babs (Brahim Soltani…a 19yr old boy) was used as a pawn to further the hateful agenda of the older members of the group. Their FEAR of LEGAL reprisal is what kept them safe at home while Babs was to remain the sacrificial lamb in all of this. Even the dim witted Djsystems sat behind his fake ip curtain dishing out the travel cash in hopes of never being exposed for his involvement. Plastigeordie another useless sack of dead white skin hid behind his multitude of ips cringing in FEAR as to the truths may result from his involvement. Darren Lee Sayward’s role was most likely to coach others into doing the dirty work for him, another sack of worthless feces living on booze binges and pills…..So one by one they sat at home and did ……..nothing.

Let me make it CLEAR to all, I do not support Chris or his behavior however he shall atone through the court and it’s laws. Not by the corrupt hands of a group of sociopath drunks who victimize others online for sport.


To the person who sent in the comments thank you.

All credit to a friend from the blog for this interesting bit of info on what seems to be a very strange security GLITCH.

All you have to do is type Vaughn live in GOOGLE to see this happen. When you’ve done this look down to see an IP address is banned. So far I’ve found 3 you may find more. What’s equally strange is that the ips seems to be GOOGLE bots but when clicked on the LINK they take me directly to the caster in Vaughn live. These “BOTS” are gathering intel on both casters and viewers alike. I was informed that possibly the owners of Vaughn can see your GOOGLE searches I cannot confirm or deny this, but it does bring up some interesting thoughts. 

Check it out for yourself ?

Oh and before the DIE hard Ivlog CUNTS start beating their chests claiming their 2k worthless site that cost 14k is better or more secure than Vaughn. I’ll have another post exposing it’s SECRET security issues that date back for years.

PS CUM/Steve Jones may be too busy with his online putas to actually PAY$$$, but I know he can’t afford the UPGRADE for his shitty EGO site anyways, and I’ll prove it.

We all know what took place on June 20th 2017 that post can be found below.


That in itself was a story but it didn’t end there…………………….

It continued with a number of individuals not only pursuing..harassing and stalking Chris but those that live within his household and that included his mother. 


So on July 21st Babs and Bane entered the court and tried unsuccessfully to record court proceedings. The result was both of them being removed and Babs receiving a permanent BAN…That LINK is below.

http://scuttlebuttscorner.com/blog/2017/07/21/4604/That’s right it took a 19 year old boy to do the dirty work for a group of big drinking pint sucking weak old Brits who sit all day stalking and trolling online…..Yes it took someone dressed like this to do the dirty work ..Haahaha….The Panda Princess.

What those of you didn’t know at the time was that Djsystems donated 20£ and MrBluesky was claiming he would send 5£, so that both Babs and Bane could go to the court house on that very day. Both are Ivlog casters.

DJsystems other Ivlog name is MusicAfterDarkness….. http://www.ivlog.tv/user/MusicAfterDarkness

Now this is where it all stands since Sept 25th 2017 is the next court date set for Chris, who will be sent in Babs place ???

Another question is who shall be the financial benefactor to pay for the travel costs this time around. Will MusicAfterDarkness/Djsystems do it again ??

And WHY has IrelandsPatriot/Sean Cleary gone so silent is it due to officer D.P instructing him to cease and desist from his online antics. Or perhaps he’s afraid of the next beating his momma will give him LMAO ???Will Darren Sayward/UKmuppets/Karl Davies continue on his QUEST to engage females that are the same age as his daughter or shall his daughter Chealsey see her daddy for what he truly is ?http://scuttlebuttscorner.com/blog/2016/09/14/tribute-to-darren-lee-sayward-aka-ukpedopuppets/And what is the odd fascination Menellie and the old fella known as Big John sucky suck have with each other ?Will John take up sucking other objects like fruits and vegetables…Perhaps a pineapple or cantaloupe ???

So many question…….

If any one asks the devil made me do it


All credit to Infamousjoewalsh for this recent email sent to me.

I personally cannot confirm or deny this latest news on Fartmanspawn but………..

I do remember Foxman making online threats of beating the shit out of men and women alike and then letting them know he would force rape their mouth with his penis….For those of you who remember his teen story of a much younger Foxman at the age of 18, beating up a 15 year old boy and then forcing his penis into that boys mouth, and bragging about it….. well there ya go. (º.º)…..(º_•)

I can’t say I’m surprised to read this news….I personally thought his repressed sexual desires were common knowledge all over the internet.