All credit to several anons in chat for the screen shots used in this post.

It all started with some one paying out for the VIP packages over in VL. ………….And that was their FIRST MISTAKE.

The individual then continues to PAY even though they don’t have an existing account on VL. So each month $14.99 is being drawn out of their account and this individual cannot seem to prevent the payments from going through…..Ouch.

So I decided to post up come of the RULES and POLICIES regarding the VIP package…Enjoy reading them.

For the LINK in it’s entirety click below and go straight to the poop for all of it’s info.

In the past this blog has covered the pitfalls of making ANY VIP purchase on ANY site simply due to the fact site owners would be getting a hold of personal banking information such addresses or names. Why do folks feel the need to spend money on what the rest of us receive for FREE without having a VIP badge ????

Simply sign in an cast away that’s all it takes, for those not wishing to see advertisements. Download Adblock plus, Adguard or Adblocker and that’s it. No more advertisements.

Perhaps it carries with it a FALSE sense of superiority…or belonging ???

Either way by paying out for such nonsense you do run the risk of being caught in a spiral of never ending payments, and the moment you stop you may just find yourself being banned from that very site.

I said before and I’ll say it again…Do not pay out for ANY VIP badges on ANY site. Unless of course you wish to end up like the fella in this post. Good luck.


This is the video that scrubby said, was totally “inappropriate.” and then the dried up pond scum said, ” “lardo you have a strange obsession with children.” And she wonders why I hate her guts

met up with scrubby at her summer home.

A lady goes into a bar with her goose. Then the bartender comes up to her and says, “Why did you have to bring the PIG in with you?”
Then the lady answered, “Excuse me, I think this is a goose.”
And the bartender says, ”Excuse me, I was talking to the goose.”

And that brings me to this recent screen shot where 2 PIGS decided to yap it up in fb.

I’d like to thank who ever dropped this in chat, but as you can …CLEARY…. see from the above screen shot, Scruffy is certainly full of PIG POOP. Her statement alone is a CLEARY lie and her actions speak volumes about her shenanigans…her favoritism, but most of all her deceit. As some of you know by now in the past casters were banned from VL just for casting on a rival site. Her favoritism is well documented when in the past she not only supported the “Scrag” as they trolled or attacked anyone that didn’t tow the line, but she was also instrumental in stroking Shawnio’s anus with her venom tongue. Alas those days are now over and the physically ailing  Scuffy with her 435 disease and sicknesses is now a proper manager… I don’t think so. Who could believe anything this ego maniac and her dripping mouth of watery diarrhea ever says she’s CLEARY as deranged and psychotic as the people that cast on the damn site. And we know the TRUTH…don’t we.

Some of you may have noticed or met our newest mod in chat Waltdisneyghost, well recently both he and OhioSean have been exchanging words over Sean’s lover man Don Owens/Ohio Don. This is what they’ve been saying.

In a complete fit of anger and desperation the BOY TOY rushes over to Vaughn to make his attack channel, in hopes of hurting Walt with is nasty words.

Such a complete joke is lost on the weak Cleary mind as he praises the Ukmuppets blog with the statement “UKMuppets RULE”

However he fails to see the humor in this. For you see if the boasting of the Muppets blog were true and so great WHY would he use Vaughnlive to send this message ????

Is it due to his limited 6 views that would far far far surpass the views over in UKmuppets blog……lmao…Oh and you know it’s true hahahahahahah

Both Sean Cleary and Don have had a special internet LOVE AFFAIR stemming from way back when Cleary masturbated on a skype call to gain Don’s love all for a new laptop, such steamy moments.

Don was so infatuated with his young BOY TOY/Cleary he even made this special birthday video for him…..Click the VIDEO below and immerse yourself in the Don Owens experience of LOVE <3 and DESIRE

Now let’s be honest it’s hard not to become sexual attracted to a 70+ year old bald man who makes birthday vids for his young BOY TOY’S, with his playful smile and weak soft voice it’s no wonder Sean Cleary was sexually drawn to the….. Don <3