As if the BIGGEST pussy/joke of all time only equal next to Shawnio…. couldn’t make a BIGGER fool himself….. THIS COMES FLYING MY WAY…The audio is bad on it but a HUGE thanks to our friend of the blog for it.

His first statement “JStevio tried to kill me”………”He tried to murder me”…….”All bets are off …There can’t be that many Catholic Schools in Derry” ……..”All fucking bets are off”

And now it’s changed ..Scuttlebuts……JStevio and Caine are trying to beat him up.

“JStevio has been in the UK last few weeks it doesn’t mean he did it but he paid someone to do it you stupid idiot “

All this aside upon looking at his face it does look like he may have SMASHED his face with a door or run into a corner of a wall to inflict those injuries and fake this whole thing….Just food for thought.

Only further proves he’s an idiot and needs to be locked away.







A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to those responsible for this EPIC scene…my only regret is that I…. $#^&(**…. lol




Crying, sobbing and begging for sympathy from the Vaughns…….using the name “MissScruffyineedyou”  Sean the most handsome one soon learns he’s nothing more than a piece of shit….and KARMA never discriminates …….THE END


GO and SUCK your momma’s TITS and CRY

So who beat you up Cleary the same lil children you tried to follow home from school ????

God it’s a fine day to be a blogger…amen.


All credit to a friend of the blog for this interesting bit of info on Jon California. Seems he has a Go FUND me account and claims he’s HANDICAPPED….Now I cannot confirm or deny this latest info, but it still conjures up a ton of doubt as to what this dude is all about.

If you don’t recall dear John you may need to get caught up on his oral skills as he openly demonstrates on how to give head while coming down from a high. That can be seen at the end of his RACIAL rant.

Complete shock is what I had when I saw these two in a Ivlog cast…HOLY HELL are you kidding me ???..YOU CAN”T  MAKE THIS SHIT UP.

It was June 20th of 2017 when Menellie yacked for what seemed to be up to a week or more casting and chatting all about Chris downloading child porn, seriously he spilled the beans on him and literally threw him under the bus in front of the whole world to laugh at. But now Menellie chats away and mentions a “PROPER MEET UP”  with Chris…..Now this latest development really does reek, and it only furthers suspicion upon Menellie. The question DEMANDS to be asked WHY bash the hell out of a friend you had for 10 years as a PEDOPHILE and let everyone know he downloaded child porn only to now make future plans with him ????

Is this a TRAP to BAIT Chris in hopes of further incriminating himself or perhaps Menllie is in FEAR as to what Chris may say involving Menellie and their 10 year online relationship ????

However I did hear a plan or plot to have Chris MURDERED or ATTACKED. I have NO PROOF of this THEORY but only rumors and hearsay.

This was the POST that started it all….

And then the 2nd part as a follow up…

Of all the posts and stories I’ve covered over the years this one is truly odd, and both individuals need to be further looked into.