So with what I hope to be a short summery concerning this blog being absent in the last 12 hours or so is basically this….


That’s right WE simply have more VIEWS than WE can handle, and as this blog reaches out to the old numbers from the past like 2000/3000 a day, for now 1200 will be a satisfactory achievement…for now.

The REAL REASON for this POSTY…..

Sometime yesterday evening after my weekly pedicure, I received a number of screen shots detailing an Ivlog caster going by the name of  Les_Izmoor who actually ran an excellent cast where viewers would answer questions and win a PRIZE…a brand new flash drive for FREE. In my opinion perhaps one of the best casts on CUM’s DEAD site. Cr3am I mean Cr3am’s dead site… ooops, slip of the keyboard sorry. He had this to say on his recently departed Ivlog channel.Screenshot_8




Seems Les has had enough and has decided to pack up his flash drives an move on…good luck Les…I did enjoy your casts and had a ton of fun when I watched and was on better terms with Ivlog. Thank you Les.

On the flip side of DESPERATION comes another caster who pales in comparison to Les and CUM knows it…Cr3am I mean Cr3am damn key board.Screenshot_4

That’s right the old wind bag knows as UnitedAmerica has been UNBANNED from the dead site, does anyone wonder why ???   Well CUM needs the casters and he needs those views.

That LINK can be found below

Pat/United America gets BANNED from Ivlog ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̵͇̿̿̿̿̿̿̿̿=(•̪̀●́) BANG BANG

Bottom line …Steve/CUM owner of Ivlog, so you would prefer to lose a caster who $$$PAYS$$ you for the services you promised on your site,but instead settle for a dead beat goof like Pat the Retarded American ?? Yeah does seem so….hence your DEAD SITE. Steve Jones only more proof your pasty white ass can’t manage a site, but what you are best known for is simply being a thief who swindles peoples money with false promise to build a site you can’t seem to run.

Special thanks for all the screen shots on this post, and a special thanks to both Mrs Roper and Scuttles for getting this blog back on it’s feet so quickly, allowing me to rant and rage like an over heated gorilla.lbpnation_jtv_monkey



I was not aware of the recent development between Candyrayne and Helton until today, so enjoy the tongue lashing Helton receives at the hands of his former friend.

If the LINK wont work CLICK again and go toYoutube.


All credit to Barry Mandela and Candy for the video.



I’d like to thank everyone who submitted a screen shot to this post, but most of all by exposing and informing the internet community we educate folks on the do’s an don’ts online.Screenshot_10

Not here to bash Secure, but the guest in the screen shot is correct.


This above pic was taken directly from Secure’s Facebook page…Note the prices on the pieces of jewelry.


A week or so ago I did  post on Secure and her fake pearls, that LINK can be found on the bottom of this post, however for now we shall discuss over priced jewelry that is being bought wholesale from China with FREE shipping included….Then being resold at a higher price.

Anyone interested in this LINK please do a Google for……


I personally have purchased a number of items from this site and have even recommended the site to others, I in NO WAY or this blog are affiliated with the LINK. I gain nothing by giving you and your loved ones the opportunity to make online purchases at reasonable prices. I have even given you an example of bracelets at much lower prices than you would have had with Secure…

There is absolutely NO monetary gain in this for me, I simply do this to inform you…Enjoy online shopping.

The promised LINK to the Pearl post

Secure’s oyster opening party on Vaughn live….maybe not as SECURE as you may think ಠ︵ಠ凸




As I sit comfortably upon my Monkey mobile I can hear Darren Sayward cry across the pond, and CURSE MONKEYSNIFFER a thousand times over and over and over…. lulzzzz ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐


I am but HUMBLED by your INGENUITY and BRILLIANCE, remember NO ONE has ever doxed me successfully ..NO ONE…Take note of the 8 users online  hahahahahaahahScreenshot_5Screenshot_4

Down for a few are we ???? Funny how your SERVER just went magically POOF on you ??? LMAO DONE and DONE … (*☉౪ ⊙。)ノ


Nothing ever lasts for ever and I guess the TRUTH as to who I really am wont either, but for now enjoy the few precious trophies you’ve managed to steal from me..Darren and company.

For the complete story read this LINK I have provided down below….Thank you to those for any information provided here on this post.





We are not here to do character assassinations on people. We just post the facts and show proof.

Cherrybreeze has hit an all time low, that’s if you believe you can go lower than Foxman with a French Fry up his ass.

All credit goes to an anonymous donor who sent this in.

This is a “sound only” file.

But the whole thing can be seen here:

I personally can’t work out if she’s the victim of her own stupidity, or the instigator in her own life drama.

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.


And to answer that question I’ll ever tell, or will I ???

But with a few screen shots WE may be able to figure out WHO the culprit was or is. Now if we were to try an get to the UKmuppets site this is what we would find.


So WHY…HOW… WHO would do such a dastardly deed you ask ??

Muppets is down

“hacked by Janice Pennycook2017 “…..A MYSTERIOUS MESSAGE in a BOTTLE ?????

And Karl/Ukmuppets himself admitting this to everyone….could it be …We can only wonder ???

I’ll never KISS an TELL …. 유♥웃 ℒℴνℯ ヾ(✿❛◡❛)ノ

Muppets minions go mad

Ummmmm….♡o。.(◕_◕) could be worse guys ???? LMAO





I’d like to thank the individual for sending this 5+ minute video in to me during the night, after several seconds of looking at it I was severely bored. So in keeping up with Monkey Fridays and 3 cups of coffee I decided to place my own spin on it….Hey she’s 70 years old…not cool Adam.

A quote from the sender

” Adamblow POS vaughnlive caster bullying lharrens,
adamblow rapping lmao Hate rap WTH? lharrens has done nothing to this fake ass loser or his fake girlfriend and she didn’t talk about the attention seeking little prick”

Not my words….