There was no way I could see this coming, but oh yeah it was damn funny. Jess has had a terrible last 48 hours, so she runs over to Scruffy to help her out.

Funny as hell when the site manager/owner,  who you’re seeking help from is now pissed at you for DOXING her on her own site in front of everyone lulzz. Precious.

Seems Patricia Lynn isn’t all to thrilled with poor Jess so she decides to call her DUMB DUMB DUMB, I’m sure you’r all waiting for this to go south, and in time I’m sure it willOr has it already, when STAFF Daryl isn’t all too pleased with Jess and tells her to mod her own channel, awwwww the poor baby …..hahahah.

We may do a late night tonight with another cup of coffee as the fireworks over in the Retard village of Vaughn live has lit up like Veronika’s dildo on the 4th of July.

I love it when a GREAT plan comes together don’t you ?????



So in the last 24 hours we have witnessed SPAMMING DOX take place to a whole new level all over Vaughn.

We have no way of confirming who the culprits doing SPAM DOXING would be, do we ?  To be completely honest it could be ANYONE, even Vaughn STAFF RIGHT ???

Sounds too unbelievable to be true you say ???

Ok then let me point this out, a screen shot that details how STAFF were empowered about 2 years ago to turn off GUEST chat on any channel when things went bad.

So my question is simply this WHY are Vaughn STAFF not supporting Jessica as she gets DOXED and SPAMMED in every channel ??? Simply take control and shut GUEST off…THE END.

So let’s get this right if so many VPNs are banned with an estimation of 100 million then who is doing the SPAMMING on Vaughn ???And the PROOF …..CHECK the VIDEO BELOW

In the past WE know for a fact Scruffy has allowed DOX SPAMMING, hell she SPAMMED Warren herself. But did you know PRIVATE information at times was being passed out by staff to others on their site ????  Check out this VIDEO as Warren confirms his information was passed around on Vaughn and as he made multiple reports to STAFF nothing was done.

As I said before there’s no way WE can confirm or deny who’s responsible for what goes on in Vaughn we are not the STAFF, but casters do have the right to turn off guest chat and STAFF are empowered to do the same. Think about it.


I could have just made an update and be done with it, but I figure this sorta thing deserves some special treatment.

Now as I’ve stated on the previous post I could not confirm or deny the DOX that Chris has placed on his cast, and the same goes for this latest information. However all thanks to a friend of the blogs this latest bit was sent to me this morning in my email. And this source is EXTREMELY reliable concerning this latest DOX.Now it is possible that Brahim Soltani’s parents may reside there along with him, but either way something tells me theres going to be a SHIT STORM of EPIC proportions headed Babs way. For the previous post CLICK the LINK below





All credit to SexyChris for blowing away the UKPEDOmuppets lil boy bitch Babs. For months maybe even years this UKmuppets group have terrorized Chris with prank calls, pizza delivery the works, and now tonight was PAYBACK TIME.

Now to be honest I cannot confirm or deny the DOX, so check out the 3 videos I’ve laid for you,and you be the judge. Is it his DOX ??????

Are you MAD Babs ?… are you Mad ?…are you MAD ?…Yeah you’re MAD lulzzyy….Listen as Pizza delivery guys and gas service men show up at 4 am. Chris even tries to blackmail Babs into handing over money in excess of a $1000 to leave him alone. It’s just PRICELESS.


Now this cast ends up with Chris being banned, but I’m sure it was worth it to Chris. Oh and one last thing I’m wondering if any of this DOX info is gonna end up on the Muppet’s blog ????? …..Naw I doubt it hahahahahahahahahahaah